Our Best Seller

Currently our best selling loader, the ER2500F, providing a 2500kg loading capacity, demonstrates a superior performance in agricultural and construction applications.

It combines the best of both loaders and telehandlers bringing high manoeuvrability, stability and lifting force.

It is a true all-rounder.

Our Newest Product

Introducing our newest product to the range, the ERE18.

This is a 1.8 Ton mini digger which comes with 3 buckets and is designed for the smaller project. It has a simple design with a small engine and is easy to maintain.

The perfect machine for landscaping.

The Electric One

Designed and built with an emphasis on the environment, the EREL04 is a battery powered electric loader which does not produce any unpleasant exhaust fumes. With up to 4 hours running time, for the user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and savings with operation costs as well as cost advantages in maintenance and service intervals.